Rough Terrain Forklift Elephant 2500

Elephant 2500

Rough terrain forklift Elephant 2500 is the ideal instrument for those who have to work in difficult conditions such, for example, in agriculture, in the construction, in the forest works etc...
Thanks to the hydrostatic drive, Elephant 2500 can operate on uneven grounds, in the mud and on up to 45° slopes.
Thanks to the ergonomic design the access to the drive seat is very easy and, because of this, hundreds of operators appreciate these machines from the year 2000, when the series Elephant 2500 and 3000 were first introduced into the market.





Main Characteristics

Lifting capacity: 2500 kg with barycenter at 500 mm
Motor Perkins series 404 - 4 cylinder – cc 2216 – 36.3 kW – 50 HP
2 or 4-wheel drive: 11,5/80-15 * 15.0/55-17 * 31X15.5-15
Duplex mast for total visibility – max lift 320 cm
2 lever distributor
Forks 110 cm long
Power assisted hydrostatic steering
Roll bar and other safety devices for maximum protection of driver.
Tare Kg. 4.000
Weight capacity on each axle at full load Kg. 4.100
Front track cm 128
Rear track cm 130
Overall top dimensions cm 202
Height from ground of seat cm 90
Total length with standard forks cm 440
Overall width cm 170
Steering radius cm 402
Hydrostatic speed shift
Oil pump: 66 liter/minute max